Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fun in the sun and then some

As you can see David had a blast with his cousin Bryan. I am sure he will miss him when he leaves back to NJ. It was so great to see David just have so much fun and be excited about having another family member around. I hope we can make his a yearly thing if Bryan is still open to hanging out with his baby cousin in a few years when he is all grown. I am sure that they will always have a special bond. : )

Hanging out with cousin Bryan

David looking rather charming. Rico Suave in action...
Such handsome boys. This pictures just melts my heart.

Hard to believe that Bryan is so big. He has turned out to be such a great young man. I can not wait to see what the future holds for him.

This is a picture of David's Cuban grandpa Roberto (Abuelo Roberto). It was so great to see him.

Playing with the choo choo. Funny how boys can find a common ground no matter how old they are.

The closest I had ever to come to having a son before David was when Bryan was born. It amazed me that my brother had this little person who was so much like him (except much cuter). It was so great for me to see David and Bryan hanging out and having fun with each other despite the age difference (almost 12 years). I believe that David confused Bryan with his uncle Ferny at first. I would ask him to get his cousin and he would look at me me like what are you talking about and then I would say get your uncle and he would run to get Bryan. Yes, Bryan and Ferny look a lot alike... like father like son. It has been so much fun having my two guys together this week. I am sure that my mother is smiling in heaven looking down at her 2 handsome grandsons. She would be so proud!

Friday, July 31, 2009

David vs. Ribs

David goes to town on the ribs! It was so much fun seeing him enjoy the ribs as much as I did. It was even more fun cleaning him up after he was done.
Ok... David is not happy that mommy is going crazy taking his picture. I believe that's the look of "would you please let me eat in peace please".


Soon David discovered that eating them with your hands just works better! For some reason the flavor is enhanced : )

Here David started nice and clean. This was his first try at eating baby back ribs. he was up fo rthe task at hand (or fork).

Ok, Let's fast forward to to June 2009. David is now 2 years old and full of energy. He loves Diego (Go,go) and Elmo. My good friend Daisy got us tickets to see Elmo live - When Elmo grows up. I believe we were both holding our breaths since we did not know what to expect from David and Leah. To our surprise both of the kids loved it! They dance and recognized many of the characters... I think they even sang (it was close to singing anyway). They behaved so well and really were entertained for an hour and a half. We will be going back to see Elmo - Elmo goes green in October. Can't wait! BTW, we will be going to see Dora live in a week. I will post pictures of that outing as well. keeping my fingers crossed that we have a wonderful experience.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The first time I held you

I think the look in my face says it all. My angel had arrived and he was perfect!!!

Uncle Ferny in awe with David

One thing I know is that my brother Ferny probably desired David as much I did. He would always tease me about hurry up and give me a nephew or niece already. We all fell in love with David the moment we saw him. I fell in love with David the moment I conceived him (maybe even before that).

May 18th, 2007. I had waited for this day all my life. I had dreamed of David for so long. There was this desire in my heart to have my own child. I do not believe I ever wanted anything or anyone more than I wanted David. Finally at the age of 38 God gave me the most precious gift I could have imagine. God gave me David Matthew. David was born at 37 weeks, weigh 5 lbs and was 17 inches. He was perfect!!!! He was sweeter than an angel, he was my darling angel. David came into this world at 8:08 AM. David was welcomed into this world by his uncle Ferny, Titi Marie Rosa and grandpa Cesar. The nurse at the hospital told me that David was small but mighty!!! Small he no longer is. He has caught up and then some.